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04-Sep-2017 22:36

The 21-year-old, who said in an interview last year that he was studying video game design while pursuing a double major in poetry and studio art, added that his other reason for taking on the restaurant gig was to 'try a new experience' that allows him to socialize and 'get out of the house.' Dylan Sprouse and his twin brother, Cole, began their career in show business when they were still in diapers, sharing the role of Brett Butler's youngest child, Patrick Kelly, on the ABC series Grace Under Fire, according to his IMDB page.

, but in case you’ve been sleeping lately on Dylan and Cole Sprouse, I’m here to open your eyes.

The twosome's IRL romance was exposed after multiple eyewitnesses saw the costars getting cozy AF at San Diego Comic-Con.

Apparently, the pair "could not keep their hands off of one another"!

Later in the fall of 2009, Dylan had planned to enroll himself at Syracuse University in NY to major in film, but her dropped that plan and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in the show business. Dylan appeared in an American improvised 2012 comedy film High Road for his role as Jimmy.

'The scale was just tremendous and you felt it when you stepped on set, even as a kid. He's now ditched his natural blond locks to play Jughead, the black-haired narrator of edgy teen-drama Riverdale.Stand out and be different with your own customized sneakers. Sneaker Overhaul takes place on August 21 in Sneaks & Snacks, a sneaker themed burger bar located at Level 3 80 Maginhawa Street, […] The Hong Kong Pulse Light Show, organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), is back on stage this summer, after attracting over 2.3 million spectators over the years! D.’s founder and lead artist, James Dycoco, and take part in Sneaker Overhaul, Philippine’s first ever custom sneaker workshop.The two keep their relationship pretty private, but Dayna occasionally posts picture of Dylan or the two of them together.

There's no denying how stunning Dayna is -- just a quick look at her Instagram feed shows some drop-dead gorgeous modeling shots. The former child star has kept a relatively low profile in recent years, but his twin brother, Cole, is still acting.It was challenging because I was a small kid who was working with these sort of megalithic actors at the time.